Evo Charji Speed test tool:

The EVO devices by PTCL are using commonly as portable internet devices these days. The EVO 3G/4G internet dongles are cheap in price and have very good wifi speed for its users. The CharJi Unlimited Package by PTCL is widely used by most students and office workers.

The online usages of these devices are becoming popular due to their amazing features and availability in most of the destinations in Pakistan. The packages offered with Evo 3G and Evo 4G are cheap and very fast. They offer speeds of more than 9 Mbps in most areas of Pakistan. The users love its portability and change their mind to buy it.

If you are an Evo user, then here is the EVO Speed Test tool by which you can find your Evo wifi speed without any signup and wasting any time. This tool will give you a complete analysis of the speed of your Evo device with download, upload, and ping information.

The speed of your internet may vary from time to time due to various reasons, so refresh this page to check your EVO Speed Test and then compare it with past speed. If you are using this free tool then you must consider these possibilities first:

    • You must Close all running applications on your device
    • Your Evo connection is connected to your device
    • The router is fully updated
    • The Evo settings are correct and must open some websites to check if an error exists
    • You must close all websites or programs that use the internet
    • The VPN and Proxy websites and software must be closed before using our Evo Charji Speed test tool. 

How to use EVO speed test tool:

Evo 3G & Chargi Speed test is a free utility to use for checking your current internet speed offered by PTCL EVO Chargi devices. If you are using Evo 4G then you only have to open this current page and after 4 to 10 seconds the website will show you the complete results of your internet specifications offered by your ISP.

Your Ptcl Evo Wingle Speed Test depends not only on the ISP originates but also on your computer, mobile, or laptop speed, your current usage, the number of connections you are using at the current time, and the area where you are sitting. You must be careful and keep all credentials accordingly to check your EVO Speed Test – DSL & Wifi Speed.


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